Secrets To Having a Baby's Skin Delice Natural

Secrets To Having a Baby's Skin Delice Natural

Secrets To Having a Baby's Skin 

Delice Natural

A beautiful skin with invisible pores and luminous complexion is the dream of everyone. Girls who have baby skin will tell you, applying creams all day long, is not necessarily effective. Above all, it is a few habits and simple and natural steps that must be followed to have a radiant and perfect skin in no time. Of course, this is not only about the face but the whole body. Here are our beauty tips to find a real baby skin!

Moisturize, massage and clean, the basic rules for a baby's skin

It may seem obvious and easy but many neglect these three simple and beneficial actions: a good skin cleansing that gets rid of impurities, a hydration adapted to your skin that makes it smooth and a regular massage to boost the microcirculation.


Regarding cleaning, it must be done at least once a day. The ideal is two. Just wash your face and body with water. You can possibly opt for soaps with purifying properties or a nourishing essential oil. Do not miss the makeup removal step as it helps keep skin clean.


In terms of care, hydration is essential. Note that hydration also comes from inside the body by drinking enough water. Drinking two liters of water a day not only strengthens your immune system, but is also seen outside. Your skin will look brighter and healthier. The choice of your moisturizer must be based on your age and the nature of your skin (mixed, dry ...).


The key to having a baby's skin is also the way you apply your care. Avoid applying a lot, or too little cream. Then you can massage very gently.

The scrub for an immediately visible result: Does this seem tiring and useless? However, erasing your body once a week can find the sweetness you are looking for. The scrub promotes the removal of dead cells that cover the surface of the epidermis and block the penetration of moisturizing active ingredients. It prepares your skin to receive different treatments.

Gumming is tightening the pores, cleaning and purifying the skin thoroughly. It is a ritual that renews the cells, wakes the skin and activates the blood circulation. It is also an ideal anti-aging solution that regenerates the skin and makes it more elastic and toned. Very pleasant to caress, the skin becomes soft again, satiny to the touch.

The sun, a sworn enemy

All beauty experts will tell you, the sun is your worst enemy! Protecting your skin is essential to maintain its suppleness and tone.

Ultraviolet rays have devastating effects such as melanoma, skin cancer, sunburn ... Prolonged exposure to the sun also causes aging of the skin and accelerates the appearance of wrinkles.

To put the odds at your side to keep your skin glowing, beautiful and toned, arm yourself with a protective cream that you apply every two hours.

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