Benefits of fasting to lose weight-Delice Natural-

Benefits of fasting to lose weight-Delice Natural-

Benefits of Fasting to Lose weight-Delice Natural-

Weight loss in Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, food and drink are forbidden in the period between sunrise and sunset. Studies have shown that the benefits of fasting depend heavily on the type of food we eat and its quantity. Reducing the amount of food causes the body headaches, dehydration, low blood sugar levels, And fatigue. If high-calorie foods are selected, the body will store excess energy or calories in the form of fat, so it is possible to take advantage of the fasting period to lose weight, because the body exploits stored energy as fat and burns it to perform its functions Throughout M, and fasting can bring about positive changes help to lose weight, its effect on the metabolism of fasting as the many changes happening in the activity of the nervous system, and the secretion of many hormones in the body, for example: 
Insulin (Insulin) increases the secretion of insulin when we eat, and when we fall significantly,
Human Growth Hormone Growth hormone levels may rise during fasting, and increase as much as 5 times, growth hormone can help lose fat and gain muscle.
Noradrenaline is sent from the nervous system to fat cells to stimulate the breakdown of body fat into free fatty acids that can be burned to obtain energy.

Nutrition tips for weight loss in Ramadan

The most important tips that help to lose weight during Ramadan include: 

Eat Foods High in Fiber

Fiber is very necessary to prevent constipation, control blood sugar levels, reduce high cholesterol levels, increase levels of satiety, fiber can be added in the sorcery meal, toast with whole wheat, grains with some fruit, fiber can be included in breakfast pasta, or brown rice with Lentils, vegetables, or curries with whole wheat.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Low levels of fluid caused dehydration, headache, low blood pressure, it is necessary to drink adequate amount of fluid, at least 6-8 glasses of water per day distributed between periods of Suhoor and breakfast.

Use Healthier Cooking Methods

 It is not recommended to eat fried foods, and it is preferable to replace it with a roast method and reduce the amount of oils and fats contained in meals.

Foods to avoid

Some foods cause weight gain, the most important of which are: 
Fried foods such as fried sambos, 
Fried chicken, and fried potato chips. 
Foods with high sugar content. 
Foods high in fat. 
High-fat cooked foods.

Recommended foods

The following foods that help lose weight are preferred: 
Baked foods such as baked sambucas and baked potato chips in the oven. 
Dry frying using food sprays. 
Grilled meat.

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