8 Good Beauty Habits To Take In Our Busy Routine Delice Natural

8 Good Beauty Habits To Take In Our Busy Routine Delice Natural

8 Good Beauty Habits To Take In Our Busy Routine Delice Natural

1  Make a double makeup removal

To facilitate the absorption of care and boost cell regeneration it is essential to cleanse each evening. To be sure to remove all the impurities on the surface of your skin, you can make a double make-up removal. The principle: clean with a foam or gel and remove with an oil, lotion or milk.

2  Massage your face and scalp

You can easily perform a massage of a few minutes by applying your day care, night, your serum or by doing your shampoo. This facilitates the absorption of care, boosts the microcirculation and strengthens the elasticity of the skin. By regularly massaging your scalp, it can also have an impact on hair growth.

3  Switch to plant coloring

The new generations of vegetable coloring are not only ultra-effective to camouflage the white hair but also unstoppable to bring nice reflections to the hair. Like traditional colors, they offer an intense and lasting result. As a bonus, they contain much less chemical agents and irritants for the scalp.

4  Look after your eye area

Too often forgotten, the eye contour is yet one of the finest and most fragile areas of the face but also one of the first to mark the signs of age. To prevent the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles, apply at least once a day eye care tailored to your needs and your age. For a more effective decongestant effect, place it in the refrigerator.

5  Strengthen the hydration of your skin

It is an essential beauty gesture, whatever your age and skin type. Bet on serums and moisturizing care full of moisturizing active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, ideal for plumping the epidermis, smoothing fine lines of dryness. If you have very dry skin, also add nourishing care to your beauty routine.

6 Clean your brushes regularly

They can be real bacteria nests if they are not properly cleaned. The ideal: wash once a week in clear water and Marseille soap, especially brushes with foundation, powder or blush. Between two cleanings with water, use a cleaning spray without rinsing to keep them clean on a daily basis.

7  Check the expiry date of its cosmetics

After a few weeks of expiry, your cosmetics may be less effective. After several months, they can cause irritation or allergies. That is why it is essential to check the expiry date of each product, which is indicated systematically on its packaging. It can be 6 months for a mascara, a year for a moisturizer or two years for a lipstick.

8  Buy a silk pillowcase

This trendy tip not only helps to take care of the skin but also to pamper the hair during the night. Unlike cotton or polyester, silk is much less absorbent and much less irritating to the skin. It also tends to avoid friction in the hair, and thus to limit the appearance of knots or forks.

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