Tips For starting a healthy Life Style

Tips For starting a healthy Life Style

In Today's Blog i'm gonna showing you guys my top Tips for  starting a healthy life style So here is my first tip. 

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Tip No. 1

Carrot Juice Cut out processed foods and one of my favorite ways to just eat naturally food and healthy and raw is to make juices now you can buy pressed juice but i actually like to make so  i'm using some carrots apple and kale you can use whatever you'd like is a great way to get your greens in it's going to deliver vitamins  and nutrients to your body and it seriously testes so good you cant even taste the green and smoothies are another great to feel and nourish your body.

Tips No. 2

Excitement You are so ready for this! Now is the perfect time to achieve your get-healthy goals once and for all! 

Tip No. 3

Drink more water Most of us don’t drink enough water every day. Water is essential for our bodies to function. Do you know over 60% of our body is made up of water? Water is needed to carry out body functions, remove waste, and carry nutrients and oxygen around our body.

Tip No. 4

dieting mistakes 10 Common dieting mistakes that is reason we are not losing weight

Tip No. 5

start your day good habits for weight loss1.Make a small to do list a night before. Write down two major tasks Also make a list of activity that will help you achieve those major tasks.
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