10 Bad Cooking Habits

10 Bad Cooking Habits

Bad Cooking Habits 

Cooking at home is a great way to eat healthier and keep your weight in check. You control the menu and hence the ingredients and calories. But it's not a flawless plan. When you cook at home—and especially if you're comfortable doing so—you might tend to relax "the rules" a little. Maybe you add "a few pinches" of salt or "just a dash" of oil instead of

measuring it out, or you enjoy munching on your ingredients as you're prepping. Those little things can really add up. Here are a few cooking habits that may secretly be sabotaging       your diet.               
1. You Don't Properly Preheat Your Cooking Surface
2. You Dip and Sweep the Flour
3. Overfilling Your Pan & Stirring the Food Too Much
4. You Don't Let Your Meat Rest
5. You Rinse Meat Before Cooking
6. Using Nonstick Pans on High Heat With Metal Utensils
7. You Cook or Store Acidic Food in Reactive Pans
8. Blending Hot Liquids (Without Removing the Stopper)
9. Put Pyrex Dishes Under the Broiler
10. Overmixing Batter 

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