Health Care During Lockdown Tips to Protect Your Mental And Emotional Health

Health Care During Lockdown Tips to Protect Your Mental And Emotional Health

Health Care  During Lockdown  _ Tips to Protect Your Mental And Emotional Health

Lockdown mental health tips:  
Staying connected with friends and family via video calls is essential during the ongoing lockdown. Rest, recuperate and relax. Change the sense of lockdown in your head and the way you feel during this time will improve.

Witnessing the entire country in a state of complete lockdown is a first-time experience for most of us, and also a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is not easy to live in social isolation to keep no physical contact with anyone and stay indoors for long periods of time. It can be difficult to adapt to this change as it suddenly puts brakes on our 'known normal' and asks us to create a 'new normal.'
The lockdown took a lot out of us all-our personal, social, occupational and recreational life. Nothing is left the same, no longer. It is like reinventing the wheel of life!

Whether we are a child, an adult or an old person, each of us is experiencing his or her own set of challenges. Children were suddenly cut off from their usual school-going activities, tuition / hobby classes, meeting friends, playing outdoors, etc. It isn't easy for them to be completely confined within the walls of their home.
There might be some ways we can protect our emotional health,

1. Actively take steps to create a routine - It is what brings normalcy to our life. It lets us know that life is on track and we are in control of things.

2. Educate yourself about the illness-its cause, effects, symptoms and precautions to take. When we are informed, we have a better handle over our emotional state.

3. Don't believe in rumors or any social media news. Verify the news source-ensure it is credible.

4. Home or on the terrace for exercise-your body needs movement. Endorphin release will keep mood positive. A moderate level of cardio or aerobic exercise, or a dance class, is a great option.

5. Taking healthy sleep.

6. Limit your alcohol, nicotine and caffeine intakes.

7. To keep the mind calm and relaxed from the chaos around you, practice yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercise.

8. Stay connected via video calls to friends and family.

9. Rest, and relax, and recover.

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