Clean and Clear Skin _ Face Mask at Home _ Skin Care Face Mask

Clean and Clear Skin _ Face Mask at Home _ Skin Care Face Mask

Clean and Clear Skin _ Face  Mask at Home _ Skin Care Face Mask

It's hard to get rid of acne scars, not less than a challenge. Some acne scars as they don't go easily are stubborn. It may take a while, but natural ingredients can lighten your acne scars with your regular efforts and gradually remove them permanently. Acne scars are treated with natural ingredients

The lactic acid is full of healing properties in plain yogurt. Yogurt is full of natural acids that help to lighten the skin and let scars go away. The yogurt will also help to illuminate the skin, promoting the shedding of dead cells so that new cells come through. It effectively reduces the scarring's presence.

Cucumber also has a wealth of nutrients— not just sugar! It has vitamin C, of which we have already spoken for healing collagen, and is full of vitamins A and B1, both of which help to reduce scarring, whether from damage or acne. It is revitalized by the water in the cucumber. The skin must soak up the moisture, which will also help repair the collagen.

You Need
  • Yogurt                        2 table spoon
  • Cucumber crushed    2 table spoon
  • Honey                        2 table spoon

How to make
  • Take a little bowl of clean glass.
  • Add of these ingredients.
  • Mix them together very well.
  • Make it in paste shape.

How to use

1.Use your hand to apply this mask to the face.
2.Leave for 30 minutes to clear.
3.Then rinse with normal water off your face.
4.For permanent results, repeat it for 2-3 times a week.

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