Dry Skin of the Face - Tips to Take Care of Dry Face

Dry Skin of the Face - Tips to Take Care of Dry Face

Tips To Take Care of Dry Skin of the Face

Although there is a lot of talk about oily or mixed skin, dry skin also needs special care. To put into practice!

This type of skin is generated by a fault in the sebaceous glands of the face, which produce less fat than necessary, which leaves the face unprotected. In these cases, it is necessary to moisturize it more than usual to achieve the desired elasticity and luminosity.

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1. The first thing to do is to moisturize the skin from the inside, so the recommendation is to drink a lot of water during the day.

2. Look for the right way to moisturize the skin of the face. To do this, opt for soft products such as creams, milks or oils with moisturizing properties and rich in vitamins, which you must use both in the morning and at night, to protect the epidermis. Rosehip oil is a great alternative, because it does not oil the face. On the other hand, undo soaps since these tend to dry out.

3. Take masks based on fruits such as avocado, and other products such as olive oil, honey or yogurt. You can apply them once a week and leave for 20 minutes.

4. As for the makeup, look for cosmetics without alcohol, fluid bases and avoid the powders because they have to dry. In addition, it is essential to use sunscreen daily and protect the skin from long sun exposure as well as strong winds.

5. Include in your diet foods rich in vitamin A, present in yellow vegetables, fish, liver, milk and butter; and vitamin E, which you can find in green leafy vegetables, whole grains and vegetable oils. A smoothie based on carrots, oranges, apples, beets and lemons will give your skin the nutrients it needs to look radiant.

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