How To Lose Excess Fat On The Face - Fat Causes - Face Care Routine

How To Lose Excess Fat On The Face - Fat Causes - Face Care Routine

How To Lose Excess Fat On The Face -  Fat Causes - And Tips

How To Remove Excess Fat On The Face Causes And Tips
If one thing we should consider, is that not all people have the same type of complexion. In fact, we can talk about different skins that are grouped, generally, in these types: normal skin, dry skin, mixed skin or oily skin. Each of these complexions requires a series of special care and attention, something that must be taken into account when treating different skin problems.
On this occasion, we will focus on the oily skin to see how you can avoid the appearance of fat, a rather unsightly and tedious problem for people who have it. From a COMO, we will explain how to remove excess fat on the face so you know what home remedies and what treatments you have at your disposal to improve the appearance of the skin.

Excess fat on the face: Causes

The first thing to be clear before applying any product, home remedy or treatment are the main causes of excess fat on the face. And it is that the solution will depend on the reason that originates the sebum in the complexion. These are the main ones:


Oily skin is usually hereditary. That is, genetics will be decisive.

Hormonal alterations can produce fat in the skin. In general, it occurs at puberty, pregnancy and menopause, although it is also possible to notice more oily skin during the days of menstruation.

Prolonged or intense states of nervousness and anxiety also favor the appearance of fat on the skin and granites.

Poor diet: 
A diet rich in fat and processed products helps excess fat on the face. If you want more information about the ideal diet to avoid excess oil on the skin, do not miss this article on Foods to improve oily skin.

Being in environments where there is an excess of moisture, it is also one of the main reasons why the facial skin generates more fat.

How to remove excess fat on the face

When talking about how to remove excess fat on the face, an important factor must be taken into account: knowing what produces it. Only in this way can appropriate guidelines be followed to reduce its presence and eliminate it altogether. However, sometimes, the secret is in a combination of food, medical or aesthetic treatments and facial care products.


The diet that an individual adopts, is clearly reflected in the skin. In this way, if you have an excess of fat on your face, it is important that you avoid eating fatty meats such as duck, pork and lamb or sausages and processed meats. In addition, spicy foods, excess salt, refined flours, butter, sugar and other sugary, fried and dairy products should be avoided. It is also important to eliminate alcohol from the diet, as it is one of the causes of large excesses of skin fat.

Medical treatments: 

When the problem of excess fat on the face is important and very noticeable, the doctor may recommend following medical treatments that, in general, are based on ointments, gels, lotions or / and taking some pills. They are solutions that are mainly applied for lasting cases of acne.

Dermatological creams: 

Within them are, for example, those that have retinoids to cover the hair follicles, salicylic acid or azelaic acid due to its antibiotic properties or dapsone, an antibiotic indicated, especially for cases of inflammatory acne.

Oral medicines: 

The doctor may recommend taking antibiotics to prevent infection of acne-related pimples. One of the oral medications that are usually recommended are oral contraceptives and antiandrogens, two medications that control and / or block the androgenic hormones of the sebaceous glands. Also noteworthy is isotretinoin, indicated for the most severe cases of acne.

Facial care: 

In addition to diet and medical treatment, it is also important to take care of the skin with the right cosmetics. The most suitable are moisturizers with a light texture and free of oils, as well as specific lotions and tonics or scrubs for oily skin, as they help regulate the level of sebum in the skin. It is always important, when choosing the products, to look at whether they contain sebum-regulating and mattifying elements so that the results are desired.
Facial cleansing to remove excess fat on the face
The greasy face should always be cleaned with specific products that meet the conditions that we have mentioned previously, being necessary that they contain the seborregulatory and mattifying elements.

One of the best options for removing oily skin is micellar water. This popular product has the main advantage of being very comfortable and versatile, as it is designed to remove make-up and clean impurities at the same time. Besides, it helps to avoid facial shine and is very easy to use. 

Follow This Routine In The Morning And At Night.

  1. If you just woke up in the morning, wash your face with warm water.
  2. Take a cotton to remove makeup and soak it with a little micellar water.
  3. Pass the cotton on the face, giving small touches to remove excess fat.
  4. Once you're done, wait a few seconds for the skin to dry completely.
  5. Apply on your face the usual treatment cream you use (or neutral moisturizer) and then you can apply the makeup you want if you usually wear makeup.
  6. At night, the routine is similar, but you should avoid washing your face. Apply the micellar water directly to clean the skin or remove makeup, as needed.

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