How To Cure Bad Breath Permanentlyh ?Tips to Fight Bad Breath Delice Natural

How To Cure Bad Breath Permanentlyh ?Tips to Fight Bad Breath Delice Natural

How to Get Rid Of  Bad Breath ?Tips to Fight Bad Breath Delice Natural

Halitosis or bad breath is a medical term that refers to the unpleasant smell in the air exhaled from the mouth or nose. This problem, which may have an oral or external origin, can cause insecurity, embarrassment and other psychological effects in people who suffer from it and who are unable to conceal bad breath.

The Breath Institute of Barcelona distinguishes two types of halitosis:

Genuine or transient: 

it is punctual and usually occurs just after awakening, caused by the reduction of salivary flow during sleep and several hours without eating. Strong foods like garlic or onions can also trigger it temporarily.


This type of bad breath can not be solved with traditional hygiene methods, but they need a specific treatment, according to the diagnosis. This halitosis can be oral or extra-oral.

While persistent or pathological halitosis is difficult to prevent and requires a specific treatment, preceded by a diagnosis, transient halitosis can be avoided.

  • According to the Breath Institute, bad habits are often behind this type of problem. These are some of the tips we can follow to prevent halitosis:

  • Eat every four hours.
  • Avoid foods with strong flavors that contain fragrant condiments.
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee and tobacco. These substances cause dehydration at the level of saliva and, as a consequence, the volatilization of malodorous gases.
  • Avoid breathing through the mouth.
  • Avoid hyperproteic, hypocaloric diets and high-fat foods.
  • Drink a liter and a half of water daily.

Brush your teeth after every meal, do not neglect the hygiene of the tongue and floss. The director of the Breath Institute and specialist in halitosis, Jonas Nunes, assures that the use of dental floss has proven results in the development of bad breath. "When you have compared the state of breath between people who regularly use the thread and / or the cleaner of the tongue and those who do not use any of them, it has been observed that the breath of this last group was much worse." The specialist affirms that, in addition, this habit has turned out to be much more effective than the regular use of mouth rinses.

The consumption of antimicrobial gums and / or probiotics can be effective in the short term and only when the cause of bad breath is intra-oral.

Natural medicine

Although natural remedies may not be effective worldwide and it is necessary to establish the origin of their type of halitosis through a personal diagnosis, the expert explains that there are certain foods such as the Japanese umeboshi plum that serve as a salivary stimulant, reducing bad breath . From the Institute of the Breath they suggest some natural remedies that can be effective but with effects of short duration:

Some teas, such as green tea and Korean red ginseng, have natural antimicrobials with some ability to kill oral bacteria.

Food with polyphenols (lentils, beans, tea, tomatoes, cranberries ...) or enzymes such as polyphenoloxidases and peroxidases found in vegetables, to neutralize sulfur compounds.


Raw fruits such as plum, kiwi, persimmon and cranberry.

Vegetables such as lettuce, asparagus, yams and eggplant.

Nunes recalls that many of the benefits of these foods are not scientifically proven, so it is not convenient to believe in "miraculous" remedies either. "You have to be very careful and not allow anxiety to dominate the reason. It is important to disclose the following principle: if one does not know what is the cause of his halitosis, he must first look for a diagnosis and only then propose a treatment or determine what therapeutic agents he will use, "he reasons. The good news is that advances in science already allow to eradicate halitosis.

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