Bad Breath Treatment Naturally -Bad Breath Home Remedies

Bad Breath Treatment Naturally -Bad Breath Home Remedies

Five Home Remedies to Avoid Bad Breath

Lemon juice or baking soda are two of the products that can help us minimize this problem. Food to fight bad breath.

Its causes are of the most diverse but their affections are equally unpleasant for everyone. Poor oral hygiene or irregular feeding are just two of the many reasons that can cause bad breath. A problem that, in addition to going to a specialist, can be alleviated with these five simple home remedies.

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1. Bite parsley

This plant has properties such as chlorophyll that, mixed with a few drops of vinegar, can help us prevent halitosis.

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2. Lemon juice

Another solution is to rinse your mouth every morning with a few drops of lemon juice. Yes, in moderation, as its citric acid will slow down the expansion of bacteria in the tongue and gums, but could also seriously damage the enamel.

3. Sodium bicarbonate 

Also related to the first brush of the day, the antimicrobial properties it has make it a very effective solution to eradicate bad breath, as it helps in the elimination of bacteria that cause bad odors in the mouth. It is very important not to keep in direct contact on the teeth, as it could spoil the enamel. Dilute a spoon in a glass of water and, after submerging the brush, rub it from bottom to top through the mouth and tongue.

4. Vinegar

On the reverse side the option of taking a glass of apple cider vinegar every night appears. You can rinse your mouth and alleviate bad breath thanks to the acetic acid it contains, since it reduces the pH of the mouth and prevents bacteria from proliferating in our mouth.

5. Nettle tea 

This purifying beverage facilitates the elimination of accumulated toxins in the body, in addition to the sulfur compounds of different foods such as garlic or onion. To prepare it, you only need a cup with boiling water. Click Here 👇👇👇

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