7 Steps for Skin Care, not Dull Daily Skin Care Routine Steps

7 Steps for Skin Care, not Dull Daily Skin Care Routine Steps

7 Steps for Skin Care, not Dull Daily Skin Care Routine Steps 

Many times we may have been accosted. What to do, why is the face dull Or some people may say harder than that This is why she's a dull face, like a man who's got it. This time when he was told that he had lost his confidence. Must secretly look at the mirror to see the face What is your face? When looking at the mirror, really, we may be shocked that Why is this face so dull? Must hurry to find a way to maintain the face back

Today we have 7 steps to take care of your face. Make the face reduce dark circles With clarity Smooth skin And looks healthy as well as natural, too. We went to see it better. What we have to do.

Step 1: Clean the face

Cleansing is important. By first washing the face Should wipe out all makeup with a facial cleanser When cleaning is done, wash your face with a facial wash product suitable for your skin type. After washing the face Then use the toner to wipe again Is the last thing for cleaning the face Because the toner helps to tighten the hair follicles And should use non-alcoholic toner Because it will make the skin dry too tight.

Step 2: Remove old skin cells

Why should the old skin cells be removed? Because of the cause of dull skin Because the old skin cells do not peel off or peel off slowly Causing the accumulation of a lot of dead skin cells Which not only makes the skin dull, but also makes the skin rough And resulting in less absorption of the cream into the skin Therefore, it should be done regularly. To stimulate the removal of old skin cells to peel off And will get new skin cells to replace Which will make the face look clearer.

Step 3 Compress the facial skin with steam and apply nourishing cream

An easy way to compress the face with steam is to prepare warm water. Then bring a towel moistened with warm water and twisted, then bring to compress on the face To help the pores open and stimulate the blood circulation on the face After compressing the face, apply a variety of nourishing cream. Applying these nourishing creams will be able to reach the deepest layer. For those who face it, try to avoid using nourishing creams that contain oil. Because it will be clogged in the pores And also make the face more even Or while applying the cream, may gently massage the face at the same time. Will help make the cream more effective.

Step 4 Apply sunscreen

This step is another important step. Because in everyday life we ​​have to face the sun And light from computer monitors and mobile phones Which affects our facial skin Therefore should apply sunscreen every time For protection from these light Which can cause wrinkles and freckles.

Step 5 Regular exercise

We should exercise regularly. In order to pump blood to feed all parts of the body And helps to relieve tension as well Which will make your skin shine Feeling refreshed every day.

Step 6 Drinking clean water

Drinking enough clean water for the body every day Will help the body to balance And also affect the skin as well The average amount of water to drink per day is 6-8 glasses.

Step 7 Sleep enough

Adequate sleep at least 6 - 8 hours a day and sleep during the Growth Hormone. This hormone is a hormone that helps strengthen and repair the body. Or known as Young hormones When this hormone is shed Is the time from 7 pm until 5 am and the best shed is midnight until 1 am, which is the deepest sleep time Therefore, should sleep before 1 am so that we can get the Growth Hormone fully. Therefore, having enough sleep and sleeping at the right time Will help the whole body and skin shine, with a clear face aura, refreshing, looking younger, too.

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