Healthy Tea Time Snacks Of Mkhanas and its Benefits

Healthy Tea Time Snacks Of Mkhanas and its Benefits

Healthy Tea Time Snacks Of Mkhanas and its Benefits Delice Natural

Phool makhana/lotus seeds or fox nuts are extraordinarily wholesome and nutritious meals in particular for hormonal balance and weight's wealthy in protein and fibre is also packed with many minerals and nutrients.
Here sharing three quite simple and smooth makhana recipes. so enjoy these crunchy, yummy and the good tea time snacks.

In keeping with the usda, a cup or 32 grams of makhanas have 106 calories. Fox nuts can make an extraordinary snack as they're low in energy.
Makhanas can maintain you fuller for longer; way to the presence of sufficient amount of protein. Protein helps prevent you from overeating and cravings.
They've negligible amount of saturated fat, making them great healthful for the body.
Being low glycaemic meals, makhanas help control your blood sugar stages.

1:- Caramelised makhana/lotus seeds


  • 1 cup roasted makhana
  • 1.five tsp jaggery (gur)
  • 1/four tsp ghee 
  • 1 tsp sesame seeds

Recipe  :-

In a small pan add 1/four tsp of ghee to it add overwhelmed jaggery stir well. once the jaggery has melted ..switch off the flames and upload makhana and sesame seeds to the pan...mix until the makhanas are properly coated in jaggery...if makhana have stick with every aside from smash them the usage of a spoon or hand as soon as cool.Caramalised Makahana are ready.

2:-Tangy  makhana/lotus seeds


  • 1 cup roasted makhana 
  • rock salt to flavor
  • Half tsp dry mango powder/ amchur powder
  • Some chilli powder
  • Half tsp roasted cumin powder
  • Chaat masala (elective)
  • 1.5 tsp natural honey
  • 1 tsp melon seeds 

Recipe :-

In a small cup add all components except makhana and melon seeds, blend well..make a paste of it..Now in pan add makhana and on top add the combination..switch off the flames add melon seeds and mix properly until the makhanas are well covered inside the combination.Sweet tangy flavoured makhana is ready.

Pragnent woman can take it reguraly for the fetal development. it's miles rich in nutrients and calcium. Which is ideal for bones and teeth. it is a miracle food for diabetic sufferers because of negligible amount of sugar contant.. 
Fox nut or phool makhana is thought in distinct countries for its numerous meddicional values. 
I endorsed you to use  fox nut for your food plan or  you could use it along with your tea time snacks.
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