Fasting Habits for Health in Ramadan Delice Natural

Fasting Habits for Health in Ramadan Delice Natural

Fasting Habits for Health in Ramadan Delice Natural

Fasting is the month of blessings and blessings, special preparations are made for this comparison compared to months, in addition to increase in worship in this month, people are also eating food streams, but Occasionally this food negatively impacts the body at an unusually timely period.

But this does not take care of some habits, but sometimes some of these wrong habits are death penalty for her health, here we present the bad habits that most people perform on fasting to save themselves!

Do not make a test

Acne to the pesticide is considered to be the most severe process, but most of the pesticide for body health is essential, when humans do not prose, they eat one-time meals in four hours that are never good for health. This is Prophecy man encourages to worship correctly, gives energy and helps to perform more and more everyday tasks correctly.

Exercise after fasting

If you practice regular exercise after the fasting, then the habit of affecting your body is negative, rather than in Boza, the body system changes, and one who runs after fasting is broken by the disease of a bone, It is best to work late in the night or at the end of the season.

Use of salt more

The use of excess salt is harmful in both Ramadan and Buza, but in general it is used to increase the use of saline milk, due to which the body faces water shortage, and the skin produces fragile / drying, if your body delivers Increase the use of the banana in the body, which can increase the level of potassium instead of sodium.

Sleep after peculiarity and fasting

Sleeping normally causes death to health after eating normally, and causing some discomfort, in the meantime, during fasting, food will be eaten after exposing all the noodles and then become awakened, it is born of heart disease and Weight increases due to weight loss.

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