15 Important Advice Do Not Forget About Fasting Ramadan Delice Natural

15 Important Advice Do Not Forget About Fasting Ramadan Delice Natural

15 Important Advice Do Not Forget About Fasting Ramadan Delice Natural

1. Do not eat until satiety to avoid the incidence of bulge.

2. Eating snacks between breakfast and suhour like nuts and fruits.

3.Chew food well to avoid digestion problems, and not speed up eating.

4. It is recommended that the soup is rich in a large amount of vegetables such as broccoli, peas, lobes, zucchini and carrots, they add vitamins and minerals to them, and enrich them with fibers necessary for the health of the digestive system.

5. It is recommended to avoid fried meals as much as possible, and to resort to alternative methods of preparing food such as barbecue, frying and cooking.

6. Remove skin and fat from chicken and meat before cooking.

7. It is recommended to use low-fat dairy products to prepare meals and sweets.

8. It is recommended to replace the salt with spices (beetles, cumin, cinnamon, thyme and others), and herbs such as parsley and mint.

9. Avoid using appetizers such as chives and pickles.

10. Not drinking with eating.

11. Do not drink tea and coffee immediately after breakfast, as they lead to poor absorption of iron, leading to anemia.

12. Avoid sleeping after breakfast.

13. Do not delete the suhoor meal.

14. Do not eat sweets after breakfast directly because they cause an increase in the size of the stomach and delay digestion, and also disturb the level of sugar in the blood, which leads to an increased desire to eat, so prefer to eat after two to three breakfast.

15. The pregnant woman should consult with a doctor. If she is allowed to fast, she should not eat large amounts of food at breakfast, and distribute breakfast to two meals, one at breakfast and the rest after breakfast for four hours. It is also recommended to increase the yogurt.

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