How to deal life hacks simple tips

How to deal life hacks simple tips

Every woman needs to know some basic tips and tricks to deal with in a certain situation

1.If your hair is taking too long to dry with your blow dryer, try out this little hack. Take a long sleeve t-shirt and wear it on your head Then, tie one of the sleeves in a knot and the back together to prevent any hot ear from escaping. Finally, place your brow dryer inside one of the sleeves and start blow-drying your hair. Because the hot air will be trapped inside the t-shirt it will help your hair dry a lot faster.

2.If you are looking for an easy way to dry your clothes try this little hack. Take your clothes out of your laundry and place them side by side on a bathroom towel. Then roll the towel from one end to the other and once you have the whole roll, fold it half. Finally, step on them with both your feet and Voila.

3.If you don't have a roller to remove your pet's hair from your clothes or furniture you can use tape. This will ensure that your clothes are clean at all times; and, you can carry some tape with you just in case.

4.If you're facing product buildup, here's what's best to do. Heat for 1 minute, then pour 1 part of rubbing alcohol into a bowl, 2 parts baking soda, apply this solution on the dirty surface and let sit for 15 minutes, wipe it with tissue and it's ready to be used again!

5.You might be surprised when you discover that you can clean your toilet with Cola easily and quickly. Just pour Cola into the toilet and flush!
You can remove rust with ketchup as well. Put some ketchup on the rusted surface, let it sit for 15 minutes and wipe it off. And if you're trying to use soap neatly, I'm got another good one for you! Put two rubber bands on the dish soap and put the soap over it. That's it! Baking soda, vinegar and hot water is all you need to deal with a clogged drain.

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