TUMMY TUC slimming tea best tea for reduce belly fat

TUMMY TUC slimming tea best tea for reduce belly fat

Homemade Tummy Tuc slimming Tea 

Every person worried they were not reduce belly fat even they control her weight .
Now no more worries Tummy Tuc slimming tea is very easy and give us amazing result.
It has lot of benefits .This tea is also good in homrone imbalance,diabetes HIGH and LOW BP,headache,migreen,thyroid,PCOS
EVEN it use and good for all body purpose.
lets see how many things we are need to make tea.


1.Cumin seeds.                   

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2.Nigella seeds mean black seeds 

1 tablespoon
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3.Fennel seeds .          

1 tablespoon


1 tablespoon

Method .

boiled 1 letter water then put in one spoon cumin seed after 5 mnt  put in all remain ingredient ginger black seeds and fennel seeds in same quantity .Then boiled this water 15mnts more in light flame .After this off the stove .put it in cup and enjoy tummy tuc tea.
U can take it  3 time per day morning afternoon and night after meal. as u required.
It Natural and not side effect.
12 to 70 aged people use it.

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