Many people eating less meat how can they get protien

Many people eating less meat how can they get protien

I am  eating less meat
How can i  get the  protein i need 

Many people worry that cutting down on meat and following a more plant_ based diet means that they wont be fulfilling their body protein requirements which is need for growth and repair and maintenance of good health.
Be reassured that if you are eating a mixture of different plant food you can get all the amino acids your body needs  from non -meat sources.
Plant sources of protein are not only nutritious but also tasty filling and inexpensive .
Choose a range of beans , lentils, chickpeas, nuts, and nuts butter peanut butter soya and soya products quinoa, hemp and seed,grain, wholegrain , cereals, pasta and bread , to help ensure your diet is balanced.

EGG MILK and dairy products are also good sources if you are eating them.

MEAT substitutes, such as vegetarian and vegan burgers and sausage, can be useful for topping up your protein intakes and for adapting to eating less meat . 

As with many processed foods, these can often be high in salt and saturated fat, so compare nutrition labels when shopping and eat only in moderation.

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